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Because most niche advice out there, frankly, sucks. Let’s answer the obvious question. What’s a Niche? Your niche refers to the specific topic or area of expertise you choose to focus on while catering to the needs of your target audience. All businesses, brands, brick-and-mortar stores, etc. have a target audience that they serve. The […]


March 15, 2024

Niche Or No Niche in Online Business? Read This.

Ways To Foolproof Your Business From Major Revenue Loss Without Socials It’s no secret there’s currently a TikTok Ban underway (as of Mar 2024), so what does that mean for your business? If you’re a Digital Creator or Business Owner who depends on TikTok, or any other social media platform for the vast majority of […]

Business, Social Media

March 14, 2024

5 Ways To Protect Your Business From Social Media Shutdowns

Before selling online courses, here are three things I wish I knew about digital products and mastering online offers. Not your mom’s normal business advice.

Business, Online Courses

February 2, 2024

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Created A Course…